BT Dual-Band Wi-Fi Dongle 600


BT Dual-Band Wi-Fi Dongle 600

Release Date

• 2013-08-09


• BT

BT Dual-Band Wi-Fi Dongle 600 (Accessory)

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Enjoy Broadband anywhere in your house with the BT WIFIDONGLE-600 300Mbps Dual band Dongle. The Dongle is easy to set up, simply connect it to your laptop or computer, follow the setup guide and you can enjoy the internet in minutes. its 300Mbps speed makes the dongle ideal for intensive tasks such as Online gaming, downloading and HD streaming while its Dual Band design ensures a fast and stable connection.

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Product Reviews

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Don't be fooled by bad reviews
Rated 5/5 by Keith Buckley on 12 Feb 2014

I'll be honest, I am confused by the other reviews, it sounds like it wont work due to human error.

I bought 2, one for me the other for my 91 year old grandad, we both had it working in seconds, yes it quite literally works the moment you plug it in, so why other people are saying its a struggle to set up is way beyond me. As for the size, it is not too big at all, quite handy, but it is sizable due to the fact it is a 600bps dongle, so there is more tech inside of it, if you want smaller get smaller by getting a 300bps dongle instead.

Windows 7 and 8 it works the moment you plug it in, you can use the CD (which is so simple to follow) if you want, but dont have to.

Windows Vista and below of course you will have issues, you will have issues with any modern tech so dont go blaming the hardware.


Fast as heck! Super simple to install (just plug it in), cheap especially for a 600bps 5G dongle, solid build


Size Does Matter
Rated 3/5 by P. Haydon on 23 Nov 2013

I let Windows 7 install the drivers for this device, not using the supplied CD because experience has taught me that it's invariably simpler to use Windows wireless management than to install peripheral manufacturer utilities. That took just a few seconds, and then I disabled my laptop's WiFi adapter in Network and Sharing Centre/Change Adapter Settings and in the same screen selected BT WiFi Dongle. Instant result, good reception, no problems.

So the device is functionally fine, but I can't recommend it because of its gargantuan size. It is huge, far and away the largest USB WiFi adapter I've ever seen, it's downright unsightly and so wide that it blocks neighbouring USB sockets. It's also worth pointing out that the BT WiFi Dongle 300 is not dual-band, so is far from future-proof.

As a better choice for a 300mbs WiFi adapator, look no further than the...

Big, Expensive, Difficult to set up and average performance.
Rated 1/5 by Jason Gaston "Jay & Jenny" on 17 Sep 2013

Ok im gonna try to be fair here so I'll start with the PRO's:

Eeeerrm!!! It feels nice in my hand.

Its an attractive design if it was an mp3 player.


Its much bigger than most of its competitors

Its "easy to set up" is a blatant lie

(I have a BT home hub so being naive thought this would be a doddle.....its not)

Its a lot more expensive than its competitors

In short you can get a smaller unit, easier to set up with similar if not better performance for about half of the price of this unit.

Performace was OK once I finally got it working on my pc but if you pay more and its bigger and uglier you at least expect superior performance but this is not the case at all with this.

Persoanlly I would steer well clear.