Guitar Drums N Bass


Guitar Drums N Bass

Release Date

• 1997-03-18


• Derek Bailey


• Avant -- Koch --


• Import

Guitar Drums N Bass (Audio CD)

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Guitarist Derek Bailey's career path is as perverse as his music is influential. Between the late '40s and mid '60s, he was a journeyman who played in dance bands and polite jazz combos all around England. Then he broke with his past to become a key exponent of free improvisation, developing a complex, harmonically rich vocabulary that is as important to modern guitar playing as Jimi Hendrix's work. Ever restless for new challenges, in the early '90s he began practicing along with jungle broadcasts on pirate radio, but Guitar, Drums 'n' Bass is his first recorded take on the style. The unlikely confrontation between Bailey's spiky abstractions and DJ Ninj's unstoppable beats might confound fans of both improvisational and electronic dance music, but it's a blast to hear. The guitarist splashes dense torrents of bent notes, delicate skeins of harmonics, and absolutely alien chord progressions over Ninj's stuttering beats and sparse bass figures. --Bill Meyer

Track Listings

The list below shows the track listings for Guitar Drums N Bass per disc.

Disc 1

1. N/JZ/BM (Re-Mix)
2. Re-Re-Re (Up-Mix)
3. DNJBB (Cake-Mix)
4. Concrete (Cement Mix)
5. NINJ (De-Mix)
6. Pie (Amatosis Mix)

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