Verdi: La Traviata [DVD] (1993) (German Import) [2001]


Verdi: La Traviata [DVD] (1993) (German Import) [2001]

Release Date

• 2000-04-10


• Exempt


• Edita Gruberova
• Neil Shicoff
• Alexandre Dumas fils
• Francesco Maria Piave


• Edita Gruberova
• Neil Shicoff
• Giorgio Zancanaro
• Orazio Mori
• Paolo Maria Orecchia


• Carlo Rizzi
• Derek Bailey




• Classical
• Import

Verdi: La Traviata [DVD] (1993) (German Import) [2001] (DVD)

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Product Description

WEA 450992409; WEA ITALIANA - Italia; Classica Lirica


This performance of Verdi's La Traviata comes from the Gran Teatro La Fenice, Venice in 1992. The intimacy and social realism of the story make it one of the most dramatically successful of all operas, while the score contains some of the finest music of the 19th century. Despite the strong production values and well-staged party scenes, any production of La Traviata stands or falls on the performers in the vital roles of the lovers Violetta and Alfredo, and that of Alfredo's father, Giorgio. Here Giorgio Zancanaro is suitably decent and morally serious as Giorgio, and Neil Shicoff makes a strong impression as an ordinary man suddenly overwhelmed by love. The drawback is that--and there is no polite way to say this--Edita Gruberova is not only too old to play the sparkling young society girl, Violetta, but she is a much better singer than she is an actress. She comes into her own in the tragic last act, but is otherwise awkward and uncomfortable when the part requires her to demonstrate confidence and sensuality. This remains a production with considerable merits, but overall a more dramatically, not to say visually, compelling version is that originally broadcast world-wide live from Paris in 2000 starring Eteri Gvazava and José Cura.

On the DVD: The production is presented at 4:3 with above average picture quality for a live opera DVD, and with excellent PCM stereo sound. The disc and booklet both offer a synopsis, but other than the option to watch with or without subtitles there are no special features. --Gary S. Dalkin

Track Listings

The list below shows the track listings for Verdi: La Traviata [DVD] (1993) (German Import) [2001] per disc.

Disc 1

1. Giuseppe Verdi - Act One
2. Giuseppe Verdi - Act Two
3. Giuseppe Verdi - Act Two Continued, Act Three

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