Wagner: The Rhinegold


Wagner: The Rhinegold

Release Date

• 2001-04-20


• Richard Wagner
• Reginald Goodall
• English National Opera
• Norman Bailey
• Emile Belcourt
• Derek Hammond-Stroud


• Chandos


• Box set

Wagner: The Rhinegold (Audio CD)

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Product Description

L'Or du Rhin de Richard Wagner / English National Opera Orchestra, dir. Reginald Goodall

Track Listings

The list below shows the track listings for Wagner: The Rhinegold per disc.

Disc 1

1. Orchestral Prelude
2. Weia! Waga! Wandering Waters
3. He, he! You nixies!
4. Slimy, slippery, slithery smoothness!
5. look, sisters! The sunlight is greetin gthe gold
6. What's that, you nixies...?
7. The World's wealth can be mine...?
8. Stilll not afraid?
9. Wotan, my lord! Awaken
10. For I wished you faithful and true
11. Then shelter her now
12. Soft sleep closed your eyes
13. God of light, light of spirit
14. To me, Freia! Back from her, giant!

Disc 2

1. This bond is graved on my spear's strong shaft
2. What? how am I concerned in a contract?
3. Never one word of thanks or praise
4. But one I found then
5. So I promised I'd tell you the story
6. A toy, while it was in the waters
7. And I should possess it!
8. Hear, Wotan, I'll speak my last word!
9. Over rock and stone they stride
10. I see now! Hear what is wrong
11. Come, Loge, descend with me!
12. Hehe! Hehe! Come here! Come here!
13. Ha, you rogue!
14. Nibelheim here
15. What help for me?
16. Better take care! Alberich's near
17. What brought you here?
18. In the clouds, you great ones
19. All must stand in amazement

Disc 3

1. Ohe! Ohe! Terrible dragon
2. Now swiftly up
3. There, Alberich, sit on your throne
4. And now the Niblungs will come to my call
5. The gold lies there; now let me go
6. Am I now free?
7. Fasolt and Fafner come this way
8. Wait! Don't touvh her yet!
9. Far too loose you're piling the gold
10. Freia, the fair one, see I no more
11. Yield it, Wotan, yield it!
12. Hear, you giants!
13. Stop, you greedy one!
14. Your luck, Wotan, what would surpass it?
15. Sweltering mists hang in the air... Heda! Heda! Hedo!
16. The bridge leads you homeward
17. Evening rays flood the sky with splendour
18. Rhinegold, Rhinegold (Entry of the Gods into Valhalla)

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Product Reviews

Below is a selection of Wagner: The Rhinegold reviews.

Beautifully sung
Rated 4/5 by кот Зигги on 24 Nov. 2009

The quality of the recording sound of this live performance is good in terms of the clarity of singers' voices, and in particular the diction is so clear in 90% of the singing that hearing this work in this English translation is actually an added bonus for me (not being a German speaker other than basic words one would pick up from a holiday phrase book....). The sound of the orchestral accompaniment and the linking passages is good but not fantastic (not of the same quality of the old Solti recordings on Decca) but it was a live performance recording so I suppose at the time of these performances, the technology wasn't quite as state of the art as now.

The contrast between this recording and the Solti (my other favourite), other than what I have mentioned above, is that the tempi are slower with Goodall but for good reason in my opinion. After all if it is an English production, one would expect tempi that allow the audience to follow the story, at least most of it...

Wagner in English
Rated 5/5 by M. Joyce on 11 Mar. 2011

The "Goodall Ring", performed at ENO throughout the 70s has very much become the stuff of legend. I did not see any of the performances, but the recordings of the cycle are in any case more than a mere memento of a theatrical event. Two things must be made clear to potential purchasers; firstly, that this is not "Das Rheingold", but rather "The Rhinegold", sung in Andrew Porter's brilliant English translation, and secondly, that this is a live recording, made over a number of evenings at the London Coliseum. Listening to such an enthralling piece of music theatre in one's native language is especially rewarding (and I write as a German speaker), particularly when the text is articulated with such clear diction by all the cast, with a special bouquet to the bitingly enunciated Alberich of Derek Hammond -Stroud. The fact that it is a "live" recording does not in any way reduce one's listening pleasure; indeed, the more "natural" sound if anything enhances the drama.

Goodall is...

Rated 5/5 by Mr. P. G. Mccarthy on 3 Jan. 2013

Just to add to what these reviews say, there certainly seems to be nothing lost by this performance being in English. It really is very clever; Loge comes across as cynically clever, and the desperation of Freia is compelling, as is the ambivalence of Wotan (and the mad tyranny of Alberich), it's all detectable in the voices and brings the story to life. I would fully recommend this recording; the music, it seems to me, is on a par with the Solti recording. The only criticism, not the fault of the performance, is there is just too much coughing and spluttering coming from the audience.