Pootle Wooden Balance Bike


Pootle Wooden Balance Bike


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Pootle Wooden Balance Bike (Toy)

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Product Description

Pootle is a fun way of helping your child learn the basics of balancing. By using their feet to move the bike forward, your child doesn't have to worry about pedaling while at the same time learning to feel the dynamics of balancing. This takes the frustration out of learning to ride a bicycle for both the child and the parent! Pootle helps your child to concentrate on balance first, making learning how to ride a bike much easier and much more fun!

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Product Reviews

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Very nice... but....
Rated 3/5 by TheNumber27 on 7 Aug. 2014

This is a nice traditional design, and seems well made...

However the lower rating is because the inner tubes for the tyres are very poor quality and couldn't hold pressure for more than a couple of weeks - and so had to be replaced.

It is also not suitable for wet conditions - as the wood is not treated.

Sturdy and stunning
Rated 5/5 by Tina Ball on 13 Jan. 2013

I chose this from many because it looked stunning and to my 2 year old grandson looks we're important. Certainly didn't disappoint he was thrilled. Simple to put together, adjustable seat for future growth, good tyres and excellent value for money. I would definitely recommend this for any child's first 2 wheel experience.

Great balance bike
Rated 5/5 by Nimesh Mody on 18 May 2014

Nice simple design, thought stars would be suitable for our 2.5 year old girl and any boys it might get handed down to. She loves it and is not scared of falling because both feet reach the floor properly. Should be lots off fun this summer as she reaches 3 years old.