Tomb Raider (PS3)


Tomb Raider (PS3)

Release Date

• 2013-03-05


• Square Enix


• PlayStation 3


• Unknown format

Tomb Raider (PS3) (Video Game)

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Product Reviews

Below is a selection of Tomb Raider (PS3) reviews.

Essentially Uncharted featuring Lara Croft
Rated 5/5 by Ed on 3 Oct. 2013

Having seen the success of Uncharted, it was the natural evolution for Tomb Raider to move toward this direction to bring the franchise up to date. Being compared to Uncharted is by no means a bad thing as Tomb Raider definitely paved the way for such a game to exist in the first place, so its only natural for the Tomb Raider team to borrow the best elements of Uncharted and implement them here. This is a great game and though the environment does become a bit tired after a while, it does make you anticipate what Laras next adventure will hold and where it will take her. Definitely a must have

Great game but not tomb raider...
Rated 5/5 by slrcy on 28 Sept. 2013

I'm not a huge fan of the original tomb raider games, I found them to be frustrating and time consuming, this however is a great action adventure game, in the same vein as the uncharted games but in my opinion even better, the graphics are probably the best I've seen on the ps3 and the action is relentless. Well worth buying if you like action games, probably not if you want a familiar tomb raider experience.

Rated 4/5 by Mark W. on 10 July 2013

First off, I was never a massive fan of Tomb Raider............ Until now. This game is absolutely amazing. The story line is fantastic, the level design is enjoyable and there is plenty of running and gunning. The Graphics are some of the best out there to. For example, when Laura gets out of a river her clothes look actually wet, when she creeping around the jungle environment, she gets muddy. These are nice touches. I'm right near the end of the game now, I could honestly say that I could play through it again as Iv enjoyed it that much. It's the best game Iv played this year!