The Last Of Us (PS3)


The Last Of Us (PS3)

Release Date

• 2013-06-14


• To Be Announced


• Sony


• PlayStation 3


• Unknown format

The Last Of Us (PS3) (Video Game)

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Product Description

The Last of Us combines action and survival in an experience that will define and re-define the genre, exclusively for PlayStation 3.The Last of Us comes from Naughty Dog, the critically-acclaimed creators of the Uncharted series, bringing a tale that could not be further from the daredevil adventuring of Nathan Drake, set in a bleak future where humanity are struggling to survive the effects of a deadly pandemic.Twenty years after the pandemic first hit, civilization has changed. The infected humans run wild like vicious creatures. The survivors are no less vicious, killing each other for food, weapons, and anything else they can get their hands on. And in the middle of all this is Ellile, a 14 year-old girl.Joel, a ruthless survivor, is hired to smuggle Ellie out of the oppressive military quarantine she calls 'home', but what seems like a simple job turns into a desperate and profound journey across what remains of America.As you guide Joel and Ellie in their cross-country journey, you'll learn what it takes to survive in the brutal and beautiful world of The Last of Us, pushing the limits of human perseverance and exploring the depths of humanity.

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